Video cassette ingest


Recovering and preserving digital tapes is a kind of problem to be resolved quickly for many large archives managers. The life of cassette supports is limited and their recovery can be quite difficult and costly. This is especially true for the oldest U-Matic and Vhs cassettes that require many cleaning and unlocking passages before they can be read and digitalized.

The company Indelt, which has been producing tape-cleaning devices (TC-Matic) and multiformat robotic systems for their handling (Broadcart T3) since many years, also offers a service for cleaning and digitalizing video cassettes on digital media in virtually all SD and HD formats used in the video industry (DV25 Encapsulated AVI or MOV, Mpeg-2 MP @ ML or 422P @ ML, Prores, etc.).


The customer normally sends the cassettes to our facilities. We will inspect and clean them using our TC-Matic cleaning devices and then digitalize them in the format required by the customer. At the end of the operation, the customer receives the digitized material on the preferred media (typically SATA hard drives or NAS RAID5 or also LTO Ultrium tape). The video can also be recorded at various levels of quality. For example, H264 at 1MB / sec. For low-quality streaming on the Internet and 422P @ ML at 50 MB / sec. For high quality storage and mounting. DVCPro, 25 MB / s (or 50 MB / s) encapsulated MOV (QuickTime) or AVI. MPEG-2, max. 10 MB / s, MP @ ML, interlaced (or deinterlaced). MPEG-2, max. 50 MB / s, 422P @ ML, I-Frame, interlaced (or deinterlaced). Other SD and HD video formats are available at customer's request. We may record a single stream streams or several streams at various levels of quality as required.


Since every company has special needs and materials, it is not possible to set a fixed cost for this service. Only after a specific assessment of the requests will our company be able to estimate the costs and submit an optimized quote. In addition, it is possible to make a prior estimate of the cost to the applicant at your location to better identify and suggest all the necessary steps to achieve the best possible result and to optimize the costs involved. If you have any special needs do not hesitate to contact us! You will receive a personalized offer! We digitize Umatic video cassettes, Vhs, Betacam, Video 2000, Betamax, and other types on demand. We also handle: open-reel magnetic tapes, audio tapes, 8 mm optical film tapes, Super 8, 16 mm. - Request free quotes!