Broadcart T3 multiformat robotics


Broadcart T3 is a last generation compact multiformat robotics usable for both ingesting and broadcasting applications. Small in size but with still a quite large cassette capacity meets the requirements of most valuable OEM's and television networks. Using a serial port and a simple SDK Broadcart T3 can be easily integrated in most of the existing automation systems or custom application to create ingesting for migration to digital or broadcasting applications. The dual manipulator increase the reliability with redundancy. A built in 1D or 2D barcode reader allows to read all the existing 1D and 2D barcode formats including the Sony 2o5 interleaved 58 digits. Broadcart T3 can host up to 4 cassette formats selectable among Betacam (large and small), U-Matic (normal and small), Vhs/S-Vhs, DVCAM/DVCPRO (large and medium) for a total number of cassettes between 48 and 80 depending from the cassette size. Broadcart T3 can host up to 4 Vtr decks 4RU or 3 Vtr decks 5RU. A special adapter can be installed to host up to 7 Betacam decks Sony J10/J30 allowing to implement up to 7 recording streams in ingesting applications. Broadcart T3 can also host up to 8 small size Vtr, 2 in a row (configuration tested for some DVCAM and DVCPRO decks) and can also host up to 3 6RU Vtr (configuration tested for the D3 format).


The picture above shows ten Broadcart T3 robotics installed at RAI.

A barcode reader is used to identify the cassettes. The barcode reader is able to decode all the existing barcode formats, both 2D and 1D, and is located above the grippers assembly.

barcode reader 1

MMXCheck configuration software

An useful and complete software utility allows to configure and setup all the features of Broadcart-T3. The settings are stored internally to the robotics in a non volatile memory. The settings include grippers, barcode reader and video decks alignment with positions accuracy in the order of 1/10th of millimeter.



In the following a short video showing a Broadcart T3 robotics feeding an umatic Sony VP9600 vtr.

Another short video showing the implementation of an OEM of ours with one robotics Broadcart T3 and various vtr.

SDK and interface

The robotics is interfaced to an external automation software by means of an RS-232 or RS422 serial port. A simple SDK and all the necessary documentation is available for OEM going to integrate our robotics in any existing software.