TC-Matic: video tape cleaner

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Professional video cassette tape cleaner entirely projected and built by us. TC-Matic exists in three models: U-Matic standard and compact, Betacam large and small, Vhs/S-Vhs/D9 (aka Digital-S). In the manual mode the video cassettes are managed by an automatic procedure that acts in three phases. In each phase the video tape is cleaned on both surfaces by a special cleaning tape. TC-Matic has an RS-232 interface too and an SDK that allows it to be driven by an external automation software. The external software may be used to implement much more complex algorithms to improve the management of very old and hard to move video cassettes (expecially the Umatic cassettes). TC-Matic may be hosted by one of our robotics like Boadcart T3 in order to automate the cleaning of many tapes without the necessity of human supervision.

TC-Matic: internal view 1


TC-Matic: internal view 2


TC-Matic: tissue assemblies


TC-Matic: rear view


TC-Matic: software utility


The Tc-Matic software utility may be used to clean cassette using an advanced algorithm more effective than the built in one (AUTO function). The utility also collects the defects of the video tape storing them in a text or in an XLS file. This feature is available only if the optional defect sensors are installed.


The Tc-Matic software utility is also used to monitor all the internal sensors and it is useful to find and correct any malfunctions. It is also used for aligning any sensors after replacing it. This type of operations may be performed and run by expert peoples only.

Tc-Matic: SDK and interface

The Tc-Matic can be operated manually but can also be interfaced to an external automation software by means of an RS-232 serial port. A simple SDK and all the necessary documentation is available for OEM going to integrate our Tc-Matic in any existing software.